Sunday, December 12, 2010

Galaxy of Lights


One of my very favorite things to do at Christmas is to visit the Huntsville Botanical Garden and tour the Galaxy of Lights. Darren took me on a drive through it about a year after we started dating, and we've missed maybe one year since then (we can't really remember if we've missed any or not). Sometimes we'd go before Christmas, and sometimes we'd go on New Year's Eve. For the past two years, though, we've ditched the driving and walked through it.


Walking nights are before Thanksgiving, but we've found that the earlier date is a great tradeoff for being able to take our time, walk at our own pace (and, frankly, have the opportunity to take better photos), and not worry about the headlights being on in the car behind us (drivers are supposed to turn them off, but most don't).


The display above is one of my favorites, but it took me forever to get a shot of it! The lights blink on and off in time to music (Trans Siberian Orchestra), so I waited and waited and waited for all (well, most) of it to be lit up at once.



Speaking of favorites, this part is my very, very, very favorite. The photo just doesn't do it justice. Curtains of lights are hung from trees on either side of the path with some strands of twinkling snowflakes scattered amongst them. It's like walking through a fairy tale. We actually turned back around and walked through it twice- another advantage to walking over driving.












This one is definitely making the traditions page in my Journal Your Christmas album this year!