Thursday, December 23, 2010

Football Photography

I had fully intended to create and post more pages today in my Journal Your Christmas/December Daily album, but there was a slight snafu with my photo prints at Sam's so they'll have to wait until tomorrow (if I have time).

Instead, I'll share a layout I made a few weeks ago based on a sketch from Valerie Salmon's Got Sketch 106 e-course.


One of the things that I really wanted to focus on improving this year was my photography, so I made it a point to shoot in any challenging situation that I could find. I have a friend who is an official for both the Premier South Football League (semi-pro) and many local middle and high schools, which gave me a chance to try a little sports photography. The games were often at night, in the cold, in the rain, and almost always in really, really bad lighting. In short, the perfect place to practice.


Several times I was allowed out on the field with the other "real" photographers, which was an amazing opportunity. I learned a lot (about photography- I still know next to nothing about football) from just talking to those guys and shooting alongside them.


I never really did anything with my photos after each game except flip through them, analyze what I could have done better, and use them as editing practice in Lightroom, but when I saw that Valerie's example layout for the sketch used her son's football photos I knew that I needed to pull at least a few of these out and document the learning experience.

That's yet another reason I love taking online scrapbook classes- they expose you to inspiration and ideas that can really make you think outside your box.