Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily Album Reboot

I was so ready to do a 4x6 album for my December Daily/Journal Your Christmas album...until I caught a glimpse of Ali Edwards' 6x8 layered templates.

Oh, my, those layouts! Those possibilities!!

I tried to resist it- I really did- but, in the end, I decided to change album formats and go with a 6x8 after all. And then, while browsing through all my patterned paper, I spotted my as yet unused Eskimo Kisses line by Basic Grey, and immediately knew it was the perfect paper for this album.

The colors in my 2008 December Daily were very traditional, and my 2009 Journal Your Christmas album is filled with bright hues- I wanted this album to be something entirely different from either of those. Also, I'm planning very bright colors in my house for Christmas this year, and I thought that the simple (but still nontraditional) color palette of the Basic Grey papers would be a great backdrop for those photos.

I'll be mixing in a little of the gorgeous handmade papers I picked up at Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago, as well.

I'm not making an album base ahead of time, mostly because this album will be fairly simple compared to my mixed-up pages of years past. All the pages are going to be the same size, so it should be super easy just to choose a paper to compliment my daily photos and cut it on the spot. Also, a lot of the papers in the Eskimo Kisses line have gorgeous patterns on both sides of the page, and I want to keep my options open from day to day as to whether I want to use just one side or both.

Speaking of photos, I'm going to have them printed at my local Sam's Club instead of at home this year. They'll print a 12x16 sheet for a little under $3, meaning I won't be printing until I have four days of photos ready to go.

So, that is my great December Daily replan! I have to say that I'm loving this look a lot more than my last album.

Okay, off to finish taking pictures for my Day 1 page, and maybe work on a cover as well...I'll be sure to post when I get the first set of photos back from the printer (probably late this weekend) and have the first set of pages completed.