Monday, December 6, 2010

Coming Tonight: Journal Your Christmas/December Daily

Just a quick note to say that the December Daily/Journal Your Christmas pages that I had intended to post this morning will be up tonight instead. The pages are mostly assembled and ready to go, but they are refusing to flatten out to be photographed! The prints from Sam's Club are absolutely beautiful, but I think that they must print their enlargements off of a roll of paper instead of flat sheets because they really, really curled up after I cut them apart. Not a huge deal since I plan on putting them in page protectors in an album, but it makes taking photos of them very difficult.

So, the pages (sans dimensional embellishments, which I will attach tonight) are currently residing under all three volumes of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes as well as Principles of Medicinal Chemistry. Hopefully all that weight will flatten them out, but either way I will be photographing and posting them tonight.

In the meantime, I wanted to alert you to a couple of new special magazine issues that are available right now.

I picked up both over the weekend at Hobby Lobby (where you can still use a 40% off coupon on magazines, unlike some other stores...grrr!), so you should be able to find them locally, as well. I've only briefly flipped through them, but what I've seen looks fantastic!