Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Since moving to the new/old house, decorating for holidays has become an exercise in finding the right balance between too little or too much. With too many things out, the house just looks cluttered, but too few items are either barely noticeable or look out of place.

One of my favorite new decorative items is also one of the least expensive- word art. Several bloggers offer free downloadable art (Craftily Ever After is one of my favorites) that you can either print at home or send to a photo lab. I usually send mine to our local Sam's Club, which has the advantage of being both close and inexpensive (a 4x6 is a mere 13 cents).


The prints are also really easy to store. I just leave mine in the frames and pull the prints for the current season to the front. As you can see, I have prints from both my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations tucked behind the Christmas print in this 4x6 frame.

This apothecary jar is another staple of decorating. I filled it with a bat garland for Halloween, and now it sits filled with colored beads and glittered snowflakes. I'm a big fan of multi-use items like this that can be changed out based on the season.


I discovered that for some strange (and unknown) reason we've never had a nativity scene in our house. I rectified that situation this year with this tiny piece from Oh Merci's Etsy shop. It's somewhere around 8 inches high and 5 inches wide, so it can be moved anywhere and fit in with the decor. I love the little hand-painted details and look forward to getting it out again each year.


Stockings (with shiny, sparkly new hooks!) and one of my mini trees that my brother and I have had since we were really little. Oh, and some rockin' Becky Higgins word art.


I missed my nutcracker collection last year when I didn't put it out, so I made sure to find a place for it this year. I started with them all lined up on the mantle, but it looked too busy. I moved them to take up a couple of cubes in the dining room Expedit, and they're much happier there. :)


Tomorrow I'll share photos of the tree. I took so many photos of ornaments that it needs a post of its own!