Monday, November 15, 2010

Washington DC: Part 2

I have so many photos from my trip to DC that I decided to split them into two posts. You can find the first post here. :)

Saturday morning started with coffee for Hung and Darren (Matt helped them make it). Huong and I didn't require coffee as we were already super excited to get up and out.


Huong has been wanting to learn to scrapbook for years and has a bunch of supplies, but she didn't have any adhesive or a paper trimmer. A trip to Michaels was definitely in order, so we loaded everyone (and coupons, because that girl uses coupons even more than I do!) up in the van and headed off to Reston. 


As luck would have it, the store was having a kids craft day, so Matt got to decorate his very first Halloween pumpkin while we were there.


Little miss Natalie hung out and watched her older brother.


All in all it was a successful trip. We procured a paper trimmer, glue dots, a pack of cardstock, and even a coveted pink ATG!!


A quick stop at Chipotle for lunch. Why, oh why can't Huntsville get one of these?!?!


Huong and I went shopping at the mall while Darren went to the NRA museum (what can I say, we like our guns), but of course I had to take a few minutes to walk through it, too, after we picked him up.


They had some cool movie weapons, including Star Wars and Serenity/Firefly props.




Paper Source was on my definite to-do list while in DC. I've heard great things about this store, but the closest one to me is in Atlanta (just like IKEA), so I've never had the chance to go.


I was not disappointed and bought a big stack of goodies to bring home.


Mmmm, Ben and Jerry's ice cream!


Sunday we took the Metro back to DC for another round of sightseeing.


I still can't believe that this corridor is part of the EPA building, of all places.


Both Darren and I wanted to see the Smithsonian Natural History museum again- specifically the geology exhibit. I'm still in awe of the fact that these rocks came from outer space, and I freaking got to touch them!!!


Darren's grandfather actually machined this box that was used to bring back rock samples from the moon.


I am in love with things arranged in rainbow order! This case finally made me decide (and convinced Darren that it would look cool) to arrange the books in my library in color order, as well.


After the Smithsonian we took a quick run through Chinatown, had Chipotle for lunch (again) and cruised through Urban Outfitters (where I found the most awesome Star Wars shirt ever).



And then we were off to the National Aquarium (we're mad sightseers when we have a tight schedule!).



I had a hard time taking photos inside with the weird aquarium lighting, but, once again, Lightroom saved my bacon.



Why, yes, yes, I do love taking photos of fish. :)



By this time we were running short on time (Hung was coming in to town to pick us up and take us to the airport), so we decided instead of tackling something totally new, we'd just take in another wing of Smithsonian Natural History (we barely touched it on my other two visits).


I love, love, love this painting, but I can't find any prints of it anywhere! I'd love to get one to hang in the house.




It's kind of fitting that my last photo in DC is of a boat, since we had such andinteresting travel odyssey on the way back home.

It was such a fun trip, and I'm so glad that AirTran is finally in Huntsville with cheap flights to DC so we can go back often in the future!