Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Washington DC: Part 1

Sometimes I'm really good at getting photos posted right after a trip, and sometimes I'm horrible about it!

Take, for instance, the little weekend trip that we took to Washington D.C...more than a month ago!! Seriously, it's taken me forever to blog this, though I've really been wanting to.

We got up super early to catch our flight (thank you, AirTran, for such great deals on flights). When I say super early, I mean we watched the sun come up through the airport windows.


After a nonstop flight to Baltimore (gotta love that!), Darren's brother Hung picked us up and chauffeured us to D.C. for the afternoon. We walked and walked and walked (which normally I don't mind, but I was wearing my running shoes which aren't all that great for walking). 



I seriously could stare at the architecture in D.C. for days.



The Library of Congress ties for my most favorite thing there (the Smithsonian Natural History Museum is the other).


I mean, how can you not love all the granite, marble, and mosaic work? It's breathtaking!! And all built by hand, without power tools.






Even the AED/fire extinguisher door is all decorative. :)


After the Library of Congress, we took a tour through the Capitol Building (where, thanks to an unfortunate incident at security, I lost my water bauble (sniff, sniff)).


Oh, and that's Hung and his little boy, Matt (Huong and Natalie were at home).


More gorgeous architecture. Yum!!



For lunch we ate hot dogs by the pond.


And then I took off with Matt to the Smithsonian (yay!!) while Darren went to the Holocaust Museum.


Matt asked if this elephant was bigger than I am. I told him that I certainly hope so!!!


And then he and I stood and stared at this aquarium for a good, long while. It's nice to have a nephew as fascinated by fish as I am. :)


After the Smithsonian it was back to Hung and Huong's house, where miss Natalie was waiting for us. Last time I visited DC she was just 7 days old!!


We had pho for dinner (so, so good!), and the Huong and I baked cupcakes (and she made frosting for the first time ever). Let's just say that was one crazy, late-night trip to the grocery store. :)


They day ended with us exhausted, but happy (and with me reading Matt a book before he went to bed). I'll try to get the other two days' worth of photos posted by the weekend.