Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scrap Room Reorganization- Finally!

Waaaaaaay back in May I started on a major endeavor to rearrange my scrap room and make space for a second Expedit (you can see what it looked like before that here). My original plan was to have an Expedit flanking each side of my desk, but after trying that for a while I found that I didn't like it and instead played another round of furniture Tetris until I came up with this arrangement, which I LOVE!!


It pulls the guest bed out of the corner and makes it more accessible (and the whole room cozier, I think). I had to move a lot of things around to get to this configuration, though, so let's walk through some of the major changes.

My copy stand used to be wedged on a table between the Expedit and the guest bed, making that wall of the room really cramped (more photos of that here) . The copy stand is also slightly longer than the table it was on, so it was wobbly and stuck out into the room a good bit. Plus, as cool as it is, it's just not an attractive thing to have out on display all the time.

Thanks to this post on Young House Love, I got the idea to create a shelf in the closet for the copy stand to rest on while all my file drawers are still on the floor and accessible. Since there is a curtain over this closet most of the time I didn't bother to make my storage solution look really pretty- instead, Darren cut three lengths of 1x4 and mounted them for me. Easy, inexpensive, and perfect for me!

Here's a pic with the closet curtain drawn back. You can see that I also store some of my photography props in here, as well.


But whatever became of that table that the copy stand used to sit on? It's now functioning as a stand for my sewing machine and Cricut. It's super easy now to quickly stitch on a card or page, and when I need to use my Cricut I just move the sewing machine down to the floor to allow room for the mat to scroll around.


If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may recall this post about a little dresser that I refurbished to use as a sewing machine stand. It still hold sewing supplies, but since I found a new home for the sewing machine, the dresser now lives in a corner next to the guest bed and has a small lamp and a stack of magazines on it.

The addition of a second Expedit into my scrap room has opened up a world of storage possibilities. I had originally planned to move all my Star Wars books into the room, but while I was reorganizing everything I got an even better idea (which I will share in a post later this week), so my Star Wars books still live in the living room. To see what I stored when I had one shelf, check out this post. Everything is pretty much the same as it was then (maybe just moved to new cubes or to the second shelf) along with these new additions...

I picked up some pretty baskets at IKEA to hold office and business supplies. These are full of Etsy items, and I have another elsewhere full of computer cables and supplies.


I moved my basket o' punches (which is threatening to become two baskets) from it's original location on one of the shelves of my desk to it's own cube.


I've talked before about my negative and document scanners (I now use an Epson instead of the Fujitsu), and each of these has found a home in a cubby of my Expedit (along with my flatbed scanner). There's a USB hub in there somewhere with a really long USB cable running over to the computer on my desk, so all I have to do is power up the scanner I want to use and go with it. It's almost too easy now!


I've also made use of the fact that a couple of my scanners are smaller than their cubes (as you can see by the stuff piled up on on beside them).

And those white bins? I'll cover those later this week. :)


You can see senor iPod in there (he's hooked up to the stereo sitting on top of the Expedit). These pretty boxes (from Tuesday Morning and HomeGoods) hold my 6x6 paper pads...


...mmmm...I really must use some of this pretty Christmas paper soon (sorry, got distracted for a minute)...


And my small stash of greeting cards that are ready to send out. Unfortunately, I seem to be running short on birthday cards at the moment. I need to get on that!


I've also made some small changes to my kit, project, and mini album storage area. For starters, when I moved the copy stand into the room, the bookshelf housing those items got moved behind the door (it tucks in perfectly).


I've been going through some of the boxes containing old kits and splitting out the ones that are either mostly used or aren't my style as they are packaged. I've taken the parts and added them to my paper and embellishment stashes in the appropriate places.


Which freed up this box to hold a few new catgeories of items that I wanted to store by theme (I do this with just a few of my items, such as Christmas or Halloween stashes).


Just please don't tell Beth and Jon that I store my baby supplies with pet items now. I don't think I'd ever live it down!!

That's all for today! I'll be back tomorrow with a look at how I've changed my storage for paper scraps and all those wonderful paper stacks and pads!