Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm a Professional Scraplifter

In all the years I've been scrapbooking (12 and half now- yikes!), I've never been able to nail down my style. Perhaps it's because I don't have one...or maybe it's that my style really should be called "the professional scraplift."

In any case, this layout is a complete and total copy of someone else's. Usually I don't imitate things all the way down to color schemes and paper lines, but I wanted to do a cherry blossom layout (from my trip to DC last April) and I had these October Afternoon papers in my stash and really wanted to use them.


Unfortunately, I didn't note who the original scrapper was (I actually usually don't as I'm saving ideas), and I don't want to post their layout here lest someone think it's my own. So, if this page looks familiar to you, please let me know that it's yours (or belongs to someone you know) so I can thank you for the wonderful inspiration!