Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Don't Do Random

Or maybe it's just that I can't do random...perhaps I'm genetically predisposed to be challenged in that department?

You see, once upon a time there was a fairy princess geek girl who took an awesome workshop by May Flaum at Big Picture Classes. And in this wonderful Camp Scrap workshop, the instructor made a beautiful layout featuring a strip of photos with lots and lots of pretty colored circles above it- circles of many sizes and textures. It was gorgeous randomness. (Sorry, the geek girl can't share a photo of the layout here because it was part of the class materials.)

So the geek girl thought it was a great idea and decided to try it out, but put her own twist on it and use a bunch of pet-themed products instead of circles.

It was an epic failure.

spoiled kitty.jpg

The geek girl was not pleased with the finished look of her layout. She realized that she should have chosen a color scheme that didn't clash with her photos, used a less busy paper as a background to the photo strip, and found a more cohesive theme for her embellishments than random pet stuff.


So, what did the geek girl do once she was finished cringing at her finished page? She took a photo of it to share with her bloggy friends (who could commiserate with her on how some projects just don't work out the way they are planned), and then she put it away in her albums, as is, and chalked it up to a learning experience.


And thus ends the tale of the geek girl and the ugly layout. Movie rights are available for anyone interested.

The geek girl will now cease referring to herself in the third person.

The End.