Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goodbye, September!

Great bananas, people! Sometime near the end of October, as I was preparing for my monthly photo roundup, I discovered that I had completely forgotten to post September's did I let that slip?!?!?

So, here it is, without further delay. :)

Some highlights:
  • Walking the scarecrow trail at the botanical gardens (and acquiring figs to make cupcakes). This may or may not have taken place more than once...
  • Having a blast with Mom and Dad at the Tennessee State Fair (and winning some ribbons for scrapbooking!).
  • Doing flips on the bungee bounce at the aforementioned fair.
  • Going to my family reunion and seeing little miss Sophie again (and, yes, that is me feeding her...shock, shock).
  • Getting my first order for cupcake toppers in my little Etsy shop (which is sadly neglected right now).
  • Doing lots of fantastic scrapping with May Flaum's Use Your Stash course at Big Picture Classes.
  • Getting all excited over December Daily and making my album foundation a whole three months early.
  • Finally getting serious about scanning in negatives.
  • And, finally, Darren sitting in the backyard and plotting revenge on the obnoxious squirrels who have invaded our attic.
Back in a bit with October!