Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goodbye, October!

October was one crazy month! I had the opportunity to test for my second degree black belt last weekend and spent the entire month of October in classes 5 days a week (2 hours on Saturdays!!!), and I honestly have no idea how I squeezed in everything else that's in these photos:

But, squeeze it in I did. :) Here's a rundown of some of the highlights:
  • One fantastically fun weekend trip to Washington, D.C. to do some sightseeing and visit with Darren's brother and his family. 
  • Shopping at Paper Source for the first time (while on said weekend trip). Let's just say I came home with quite the stack of goodies. :)
  • Starting demolition of the bar/planter in our living room. We're now on the dirt excavating phase of that little project.
  • Doing some serious reorganizing of my scrap room. I'm so completely thrilled with how it turned out.
  • Shopping for pumpkins, gourds, and squashes and then decorating the house with them.
  • And let's also not forget decorating with the purple twinkly lights!
  • Taking a fun scrapbooking workshop from Amy Tan.
  • Celebrating Dad's birthday at Jon and Beth's with cupcakes and good food. 
  • And then, of course, there was the carving of the annual Halloween geek pumpkins
October was a bring it, November!!