Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Wanderings


This weekend we wandered to Nashville to celebrate my Dad's birthday (it's actually on Wednesday) with my family. I made cupcakes (of course!!) and we also made these awesome stuffed shells (recipe by Pioneer Woman).


We stayed at Jon and Beth's house, so we got to see plenty of this little bean, who was all smiles most of the time (except for that two hour stretch Saturday when Darren and I watched her while Beth and Jon were at the hospital making sure Beth didn't actually have a blood clot in her leg- then she screamed like a wounded wampa).


But by the next morning she was all smiles again, sitting happily in her chair on the kitchen floor while J and I (and later Beth) worked on breakfast for everyone.


Okay, so she's just cute all the time. :)


Happy early birthday, Dad!