Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooktacular 5K + Pumpkin Carving + More Squashes

Happy Halloween again, blog-reading peeps! I'm writing this on my laptop in the living room in between rounds of handing out candy to all the little ghouls, goblins, princesses, and ninjas in my neighborhood.

My Halloween actually started yesterday with the Spooktacular 5K in downtown Huntsville. Bunches of people ran in costume. I didn't (because I don't have a costume at the moment), and since Darren was away camping with the kids from church on Friday and Saturday I also don't have any photos of me at the race.

But, I can tell you that I wore this shirt...

...and this skirt (and I wish those were my legs!) and leave the rest up to your imagination.

Here's just a peek at a few of the costumes. Princess Leia was the first one I spotted.

The Chilean miner had us all cracking up, plus this guy won the costume contest.

We were all really cold and kept jogging around to try to warm up, so the only other photo I managed to take (these are all from my iPhone) was this group shot of the cast of Mario Bros. Love it!!

As for the race results, I didn't do so well- 31:46- but in my defense I haven't run at all since the Monte Sano 5K on September 4th (because I've been in taekwondo class 5 nights a week ever since). That, and it was really, really cold and my legs were completely numb the entire length of the course.

Today after church Darren and I stopped by a farmers' market in town to buy...more pumpkins!! I simply couldn't bring myself to carve up the big, pretty (and warty, in my case) pumpkins that we picked out earlier this month, so we decided that we would buy some smaller, less pretty pumpkins to cut. Lucky for us, the market had marked all of their pumpkins down to $2, so we left with two of the biggest ones they had instead of the small ones I intended to buy. They were completely lopsided (mine actually has to have a prop under the front end to hold it up), but they had awesome flat(ish) faces that turned out to be perfect for carving. We also left with several more pretty squashes (also $2 each) to use to decorate the house (and eventually eat), and the big pumpkins on my front porch will remain out through Thanksgiving as decorations.


This year I decided to choose a more intricate template that usual and carved a stormtrooper into my pumpkin (and see what I mean by lopsided?).



Darren designed his own Dalek and freehanded his!




It's been a lot of fun hearing the kids yell, "look, it's a stormtrooper!" as they run up our front steps. I just love Halloween!