Monday, October 18, 2010

My Amy Tangerine Workshop Mini

I've been enjoying the laid-back pace and the great ideas found in the Amy Tangerine workshop I signed up for a couple of weeks ago. So far I've stitched together this little mini album out of scrap papers- love it! It's going to be the base album for all the photos and stuff I collected on my trip to DC last weekend (note to self: blog DC photos).


My album refuses to stay flat when shut- I think I used too many pages in it, but I just couldn't quit adding them! Oh,'ll get even fatter when I start adding stuff, anyway.



I included part of a Sassafras paper, bottom trim, barcode, and all. I'll use something to cover up the un-pretty parts when I start adding to the album.






Things I'm grateful I learned over the weekend (that made taking those photos so much easier):
  • The baLens white balance lens cap is seriously "da bomb" (I bought the 77mm version so it would work with all my lenses, big or small). I took a reference shot with it on the D300 before I mounted it back on the copy stand, and the colors seriously just popped to life (I could always adjust the white balance in post-processing, but then it made the colors to contrasty). Now I need to tweak the exposure a bit, but it's all good.
  • The Totally Rad! Lightroom Presets? Worth every single penny. I found a coupon for them over the weekend and broke down and bought them. Oh, wow, what a difference. I know how to do most of that stuff by hand, but it literally saves me hours of editing work (especially huge batches vacation photos) to have the presets.
  • Lightroom 3 integrates with Flickr. Okay, so I already knew this one, but it's also made such a difference in how long it takes me to blog things. Picasa would only allow 4 photos at a time to be uploaded to a post. With Lightroom I just select a bunch and send them straight to my Flickr photostream (and from there it's super simple to grab the HTML code for my posts). Love, love, love.
And, yes, I still have that huge stack of unfinished projects I blogged about a while back. I seem to have project ADD. 

Happy Monday, everyone!