Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Started!!

Darren got out the sledgehammer last night and started breaking out the planter (yes, planter), that the original builder of our 1950's era ranch thought was a good idea. I mean, really, who does that?!!??


Seriously, it even has dirt still in the bottom of it! We're not sure that it has a bottom, actually- it may go all the way through to the crawlspace like that, which means we'll literally be excavating dirt from the middle of our living room.

Please excuse the mess in the photo. I have no idea why the throw pillows are on the dining table. And you can also ignore the sloppily closed curtains (we close them when we use the projector). And the cat bed in the fireplace. And the boxes of Halloween lights that I need to hang this weekend. And the cartons holding the new vanity for the bathroom. And that big black blob in the chair is Griffin.

You get the picture. But, hey, you can see my cute little Halloween glam pumpkins on the mantle- sweet!

Speaking of pictures, here's one circa 2008, right before we rented the house out for the final time before moving back into it ourselves.


As you can see, the planter had long ago been converted into a makeshift table of sorts, but it's honestly always been out of place in this house. (You can also see the icky old carpet that we pulled up last summer.)

This is the first of many projects around here, and one of the three that has to be done before the floors can be refinished (the other two being the kitchen and bathroom remodels, since we don't want to have to worry about carrying heavy cabinets and appliances across newly finished floors). The planter's brickwork is also integral to the fireplace brick, which means I'll be tiling a facade over the brick to hide the broken places when this is all over.

This means that you can expect to see some remodeling posts from time to time around ye old blog.

Oh, and that first picture? I took it after setting a custom white balance on the D3 using my new toy- a Balens White Balance Lens Cap. I love it!!! No more funky yellow or blue tones when using auto white balance. And now I'm totally eying these after playing with their free sample download- they really do work!