Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes

::giggle:: I've been collecting vintage images from around the web for a while now, and I just couldn't help posting this old pin-up today. As an aside, my Mom will either laugh herself silly or flip over it. She'll have to let me know which. :)

I haven't done a Flickr cupcake roundup in a long time!! How about some spooky sweets for Halloween? You know, since you can't be here to share all my leftover trick-or-treat candy with me.

1. sugar skull cupcakes, 2. Happy Halloween!, 3. Halloween Cupcakes, 4. Many Eyed Monster Cupcakes, 5. More Halloween Cupcakes, 6. Halloween Cupcakes, 7. Happy Halloween!, 8. HALLOWEEN CUPCAKES!, 9. Halloween Cupcakes, 10. Halloween Cupcakes, 11. Halloween Cupcakes, 12. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, 13. Halloween Cupcakes, 14. halloween cupcakes!, 15. Halloween Bat Cupcakes, 16. Halloween Cupcakes, 17. Halloween Cupcakes, 18. Halloween Cupcakes, 19. Happy Halloween!, 20. Foiled Cupcakes - Halloween, 21. Green Halloween cupcakes, 22. Halloween Cupcakes!, 23. Cathys_Rum_Cake_Halloween_CupCakes_CupCakes, 24. Apple Ginger Halloween Cupcakes, 25. Dulce De Leche Pumpkin Cupcakes, 26. Halloween Cupcake, 27. Bat Cupcakes for Halloween, 28. Cappucino Halloween Cupcake, 29. halloween-cupcake, 30. Foiled Cupcakes - Halloween, 31. Halloween Screamsicle Cupcakes, 32. Vegan Halloween Cupcake with movie poster topper, 33. Halloween Spider Cupcakes, 34. Halloween Cupcakes, 35. Halloween Cupcakes, 36. Halloween cupcakes