Sunday, October 3, 2010

Geek Girl: Move Over, John- The Doctor's In Town!

It's no secret to my friends and family that I love great sci-fi hair- you know the kind I'm talking about, where it looks like the actor has just rolled out of bed and had the hair and makeup department throw a can of mousse at his head on his way to the set. It may make people question my sanity at times, but they understand that it's one of my little quirks, and I like to think that it makes me all the more lovable. :)

It's also no secret that I think that John Sheppard on Stargate: Atlantis (played by Joe Flanigan) has the best spiked do on all of TV...or at least all of American TV, because this Brit is giving Joe a run for his money hair gel.

Meet David Tennant, former star of Doctor Who (he played the 10th incarnation of the Doctor) and owner of some fantastic hair.

He's also very good at looking perplexed (which seems to be the Doctor's normal state of being)...

...along with slightly enraged...

...and thoughtful. To be or not to be...oh, wait, that was a different BBC production (he really was absolutely brilliant in Hamlet).

If you can get past the rather bad special effects and lower-quality production values in the first season, Doctor Who really is a great show (and by the middle of season 2 it was on par with most American TV shows as far as special effects). The writing and acting are top notch. It has moments that have you fall out of your seat laughing, and then moments that absolutely rip your heart out.

Although sometimes the props are a bit cheesy (but that's part of the charm).

Okay, enough with the hair (for now). Let's take a look at some cool geekiness that's come out lately, shall we?

Since I'm on such a Doctor Who kick lately, I'm going to start with this brilliant TARDIS, immortalized in Legos (if fans are building replica props out of Legos, you know it has to be a good show).

I will admit, I snickered at this article from The Sun...I mean, everything they print is true, right? ::sarcasm:: Apparently they've found evidence that the Doctor traveled back in time and met cave men...just look at these paintings!

Ooooh, and check out this fantastic Dalek cake (I'll be really creeped out if this thing starts yelling "Exterminate!!"). Careful, lady, don't get too close to that plunger.

Staying in the food category, but venturing over to Star Wars territory, we have these awesome Millennium Falcon and tie fighter sandwich cutters- the latest GFFA offering from Williams Sonoma.

They look cool, but not nearly as useful as the cookie cutters I bought earlier this summer. I've used mine to make biscuits, and other fans have used them for multiple purposes, including this awesome pie.

I seriously want this Death Star cake for my next birthday.

Or maybe these cupcakes instead. Come to the dark side...we have cupcakes! Oooh, that sounds like a great slogan for the Etsy shop...

Yes, I do love my Star Wars. :)

These R2-D2 iPhone cases are great for those of us who feel a bit left out of the whole Verizon R2-D2 droid hoopla. Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out at the moment.

These prints from James Hance are super cute. He's got a whole series of Star Wars/Winne the Pooh artwork. I think that the AT-AT with the missing tail is my favorite.

Or if your decorating taste is somewhat more vintage, these plates from Beat Up Creations are another great option

For the brainy geek (umm, you do know about the Geek Social Hierarchy, right?), there's this fantastic Star Wars themed chess set made of Legos.

Or, if you're more DIY, you can try your hand a making your own X-Wing mailbox, just like this one.

Naaah, David's right, that sounds like a lot of work...

Oh, and the best thing about Doctor Who? Netflix has them all streaming, so I can watch anytime. Like, oh, say, now... :)