Sunday, October 17, 2010

Batty Bokeh


This weekend we decorated our front porch for fall, and I played with our Halloween lights (yes, I am a crazy light-loving girl who will put them up for any holiday possible) and my Martha Stewart bat punch to make some shaped bokeh. You can find a how-to here, here, or here if you're interested in trying it yourself (it's super easy).


I had intended to be boring and pick up pumpkins at the Sam's Club that we live two miles away from, but Darren had an errand to run near a really neat farmers' market so I tagged along to get my fill of gourds there instead.


I love the colors and textures of pumpkins, squash, and gourds...and aren't these stacks awesome?



In the end our cart looked like this- plenty to decorate both outside and inside the house (and I got one of the pretty blue squash that I love so much). The really warty pumpkin is the one I picked out.


After the farmers' market we stopped at Bennett's Nursery to pick up some pansies and violas, and, wouldn't you know it- they had lots of pumpkins, too! I bought three tiny white ones- I'm just a sucker for non-orange pumpkins, I guess.


Isn't this planter-in-a-pumpkin a clever idea?


So, after all the pumpkins were brought back home it was time to plant pansies, arrange mums (on clearance for $2.50 a pot!!), and wrap orange lights around the railings.


I want to find some ceramic pots for the mums, but I think it looks inviting and colorful as-is.

Oh, and the bat bokeh? Shot at night using my orange lights as subjects. :)


There's a bit of fall going on inside the house, too. My favorite scent (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin) is back in at Bath and Body Works.

And their Creamy Pumpkin scent is to die for.

I've also printed up this cute li'l sign as a 4x6 photo (best use of 13 cents ever- thank you Sam's Club) to put in a frame on the mantle next to my sparkly pumpkins. I'm not quite done with all of that, but I'll post photos when I am.

So what about you guys? Any cool fall decorating going on?