Thursday, October 21, 2010

And This Is How The Projects Pile Up...

It usually starts with a cool product, like this Kitschy Digitals paper pack that I bought for a dollar on special at yesterday.

And then somewhere in the back of my mind it gets paired with a photo like this one that I shared a little while ago...

mom and Lis

And before you know it I'm surfing over at PageMaps, looking at their latest set of digital templates and thinking that I could do a perfect hybrid layout with those papers and that photo by filling in the template, having it printed at Sam's (because 8x10s, and thus 8x8s, are really cheap there), then embellishing it at home.

And that is my craft ADD in a nutshell.

But, ::sigh:: aren't those colors and patterns just perfect for that picture? It's definitely going on the to-do list.