Thursday, September 30, 2010

Under the Weather (and Under Construction)

All those sinus troubles that were bugging me last week have finally caught up with me, and I feel a bit like death warmed over right now. I'm hoping it'll be gone in a day or two so I can get back to being my usual geeky self (I have a HUGE geek post in the works).

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a sneaky peek of something I'm going to be showing more of this weekend. A couple of weeks ago the holiday scrapbooking bug bit me, and I dove headfirst into putting my December Daily book together for this coming Christmas. I decided to go super simple this year and do a 4x6 mini album (I'm so in love with those lately) so that it doesn't become this crazy elaborate project like it has the last couple of rounds. I was working on 2009's album into February!!


While I was making my own kit I made a few extras and will be putting them in my Etsy shop (which is getting a new name) this weekend. I'm super excited about this kit- it's a simple format, but I've filled it with handmade trims and embellishments, labels, journaling spots, and other fun goodies. Check back on Saturday for the whole scoop! You can subscribe to my blog feed or my Twitter feed if you want instant updates.

Oh, and you may have noticed some changes around the old blogeroo- I've finally switched over to Blogger's template designer and I love it! I'm working on creating and adding buttons for categories. You can see a bunch of them now, though they're not all hooked up to content yet. Over the coming weeks I'm going to be going back through my old posts and re-tagging them to make them easier to find.  The old blog archive is still available in the nav bar under my blog banner, and I plan on keeping it there permanently.

Okay, off to sniffle some more! I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites.