Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School!

Back to scrapping school, that is. :) I've got two awesome classes lined up for September- Elise's Mini Album Workshop and May's Use Your Stash class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Normally I wouldn't be able to keep up with two classes, but the mini-album workshop seems to be more "theory" than "project" based at the moment (and I'm not complaining because it's tons of great info), plus I've already got all the photos printed and one of my old Scarlet Lime kits picked out for the mini I want to make. May's class is sure to be an adventure, and I'll be excited to see what products we dive into each day.


To prepare for class, I finally completed the new arrangement of my scrap room (geez, I've only been working on it since, I don't know...May!). It required some serious "furniture Tetris," but all the hard work was worth it since I love the new layout. My scrap room also doubles as our guest room, and I've been unhappy for a while that the bed was just shoved in a corner. I've brought it out more toward the center, and now it's a great place both for guests and for me to flop and read or watch something on the computer monitor. The photo above is just a quick peek- it doesn't show everything (though it does show the mess still on the floor thanks to the layout I was working on last night).

I still need to do one more project- the copy stand is going to get a built-in desk in the closet. I'll try to take photos soon of everything that's changed and moved since I did my last scrap room tour. Off the top of my head, I added a second Expedit and once again changed the way I store my embellishments (and this method is totally rocking my scrappy world).

While I was cleaning I found a Camp Scrap layout that I never posted.

ipod 2005

I still have several pages from Camp Scrap that I want to finish. I have all the photos picked out, but up until last weekend time has been a serious issue. I'm really looking forward to things settling down for a while now!