Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V: More from the Show Floor

I've got some more crazy CV photos to share today! This time I'll show a few more of the exhibits on the main show floor.

Why, hello Mr. Snowtrooper with your repeating heavy blaster rifle. Mind if I steal your gun?


I think I caught this one during the only 5 seconds of the show when it wasn't mobbed with people taking their photos on stage. Unfortunately I had nobody with me at the time to take mine!


There were all kinds of cool signs plastered everywhere. I really wanted to go on this Last Tour To Endor experience, but it was $75 and at Disney on Thursday night. I was already really exhausted!


If I had ceilings that were higher than 8ft, I would so hang a Millennium Falcon over the dining room table. Or maybe in the kitchen.


Jabba's Food Court, where thankfully the food was a little tastier than a dish of live amphibians.


Lots of big banners everywhere.


And there was a live tattoo parlor!! Live, as in I walked by about a dozen people getting inked at one point. I was tempted for about three tenths of a second, and then decided that a Sharpie would be a less painful (and less permanent) way to go.


Verizon unveiled their R2-D2 themed Droid smartphone while we were there. Sorry, guys, but I'm a die hard iPhone junkie, so I'll have to console myself with an R2 case from the Star Wars shop.


I loved these cute Lego minifigs, but the $10-$15 price tag kept me from buying any. The chick who sells them actually orders them straight from Lego and has them custom made!


The Greater Florida Lego Users Group was on hand with the Star Wars project. LOVE this Death Star!



The Commitment Chapel was open for those who meet their soulmate in Star Wars Speed Dating. I didn't partake of either activity, though I hear Bonnie Burton and R2 really hit it off.


I was too busy going googly-eyed over this Hoth diorama!



More cool displays at the official Star Wars booth.


Speaking of the Star Wars booth, they had some cool merchandise, like this Darth Vader toaster. Because everyone needs a little Sith Lord to get their morning started right.


Boba Fett keeping an eye on things.


And I was thrilled to be able to see the famed Han Solo in Carbonite desk in person. The desk belongs to Mark Hall, lead singer of the Christian group Casting Crowns (love them!), and he's selling it and donating the proceeds to charity. He was actually there on Thursday and I missed him, but one of the guys in the booth handed me a gratis copy of their latest CD. I love swag. :)


And then I finally found someone to take my picture!! When I checked in that morning, the guy who handed me my badge commented on my camera, then flashed his D300s, complete with 70-200 lens. Later on in the afternoon I ran into him outside the belly dancing exhibition (I'll get to that in another post...), and we were camera buddies for the rest of the day.


So now thanks to Ryan I have some fun pics of me at the con!


Not sure quite what I was thinking here...I so cannot pull that look off.


And this is Ryan...


...who thought he wanted his picture taken, but then wasn't quite sure what to do. So he just decided to look annoyed.


Okay, back with more later!