Monday, August 16, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V: Costumes

I've been going through my Celebration V photos, and I'm just amazed at the array of costumes that fans turned out in.

Speaking of fans turning out, the crowd was estimated somewhere in the range of 40,000 people over the course of the four day event!

Some of those 40,000 people came dressed as bounty hunters, like this guy in his ingenious Lego Boba Fett gear.


This guy took one of the prizes in the costume contest (much more on that hilarity in another post).


And these guys from the Mandalorian Mercs turned out in force.



There were several Sith Lords (and I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know who the other guy is- I think he's another bounty hunter).


Amidala on her cell phone comlink.


And this trio who came all the way from Finland Denmark (thanks for contacting me to correct that)! I also ran into another group from Argentina- fans came from all over the world!


Oh, and the stormtroopers were everywhere, thanks to the many members of the 501st who came out to volunteer.

I'm not sure if this scout trooper was cuddling the stuffed Ewok or carrying it around as a trophy...maybe a little of both?


And here we have the very rare tourist trooper, complete with digital camera holocam.



More scout troopers.


And even a snow trooper!


And of course we had Jedi. These guys were in the insane line with me when I bought logo encrusted water bottles for my brother, Darren, and I.


Is that a Darth Koala I spy?


And you totally couldn't miss this guy! Love the boomerang (and the incredible accent).


People had some great t-shirts, too. I love this Bespin shirt.


And I did ask this little cutie's mom before I took a picture of her (she's really bringing this kid up right!). She told me that she had a different bib for every day of the con.


There were also several costume displays on the main floor, giving us all something to aspire to next time one of these rolls around.



So now I have three years to get my own costume together before the next Celebration!