Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V: Costume Contest

Well that was a bit longer of a blogging break than I had intended to take. It seems that ever since we closed on our house there's been this insane influx of things that need to be done, and in the middle of it all I'm trying to get layouts ready to enter into the state fair and some photos printed with a free coupon that my Dad sent me for Shutterfly.

But you didn't come here to hear about my life at the moment, did you? Nope, you're here for the Star Wars Celebration V costume photos, right? Just one more post after this and I'll be done with all the CV photos. Kind of sad, actually.

So, one of the things I made sure I attended at CV was the costume contest. I've forever been looking in on things like this from the outside, merely reading about it on blogs like Nerdvana, Greak White Snark, or Club Jade, until this trip when I was able to finally see some of the (very cool) insanity in person!

The festivities were hosted by Captain Typho himself.


Tons of little kids entered- some of them had sooooo much personality!


I see lots of fodder for future episodes of Oprah here- "It's all my mom's fault I'm messed up because she made me dress as a Jedi in front of thousands of people..."


The adult contest was split into a bunch of different categories. I think I've put the right photo with the right category, but please forgive me if I haven't.

This was the Heroes category.


My only thought on this one was, ummm, yeah...




Is it bad that I totally want a costume like this?


This guy was trying to score some serious cute points with his little baby Ewok.


And if this guy can't cut it as a Jedi, then at least he's gotten in his practice for a career of selling knockoff watches in Central Park.


One word. Flightsuit.






There were tons of entries in the Princesses category.

So that's how you get away with wearing your pajamas to a convention!


You may remember this chick with a cell phone from an earlier post. Turns out she got a little cheesed at me for taking that photo and grumbled about it on her blog. Hopefully she will appreciate this non-phone-wielding photo.




What is it about this dress?!?!?


There were some seriously cool bad guy costumes on display, as well.

I don't even want to know what it took to get those horns to stick.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to photograph Vader in an already dark setting?



Then there was some serious coolness in the Droids, Creatures, and Outer Rim category.


Salacious Crumb...



This guy got some massive cheers when he walked out!


This was my favorite of the entire contest. I appreciate anyone who can bring me Jar-Jar's head on a platter.


And this is the costume that eventually won it all.


Darth Ewok!!


During intermission (which they said would be about 5 minutes and ended up being closer to 30), a DJ came out to rock the place.


This stormtrooper may have been my favorite part of the entire con. He started out playing air guitar on his blaster rifle...


And then progressed to some serious dancing.



The whole thing was just crazy fun- I mean totally, indescribably fun. thankfully I managed to dig up a video of it on YouTube.

And then they announced the winners. All the kids were given awards for participating.


And then each judge picked their favorites. I guess that all those Ewok cute points really worked for this guy. :)



Oh, and if you want to see more general costumes from around the con, you might want to check out Epbot. Jen has tons of pictures on several posts, including this one.