Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V: 501st, Out And About, & The End

I admit it, I'm a little sad that this will be my last post about my trip to Celebration V. I definitely had a good case of the post-con doldrums last week. Thankfully Bonnie Burton was able to perk me back up with her article on how to deal with CV withdrawals on the Star Wars blog.

My last round of photos is a little bit of everything, starting with the 501st Legion (I think that the sign was actually in the GFLUG booth).


The 501st had an entire room of nothing but displays and guys (and gals) in costume.


People were lining up to have their photo taken with the Emperor himself (but what's a snowtrooper doing in the palace?).


My inner Fiona started drooling over this weapons display. I'll take one of each, please!


A Tattoine setup. Love the Jawa in the corner.


There were a couple dozen helmets from the TK Project out on display. They were being auctioned off to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. That's one of the cool things about the 501st- they do tons of charity work.




I didn't get to many of the panels/breakouts, but I did make sure I attended Bonnie's talk on Star Wars crafting. I'm excited for her book to come out next year. I'm thinking that a Wookie fur throw pillow may find its way into the living room...


Or maybe I'll just stick with a cuddly bantha toy.


Ooooh, look, it's Admiral "Sack"bar!! Bonnie's talk was quite funny- especially her story about using spray adhesive in her office with the door closed...and then passing out from the fumes!


A Princess Leia belly dancer graced the Digital Stage for about an hour in the early afternoon. I have no idea why I'm posting four pictures of the same person, other than the fact that I'm rather proud of myself for getting some good photos in such poor lighting conditions.



I didn't stay long for this performance, because about 20 minutes in, Ryan and I got busted for taking photos. Ooops! Apparently that wasn't allowed at this event.



Lots of droids out roaming the halls...


And some wampas, too!! I was trying to give this guy a hug, and apparently the snowtrooper didn't approve...



It was a little after 7pm when I made my way back to the Digital Stage, where they were screening Episodes I and II until midnight. I only stayed for about ten minutes, though, just long enough to see this on the screen...



And then exhaustion, hunger, and ear-splittingly loud sound took their toll and I finally exited the con.

I had an absolute blast at CV...Celebration VI, you cannot get here fast enough!