Monday, August 30, 2010

Orlando Day 4: Leu Gardens and Taking it Easy

Friday was my last full day in Orlando, since my flight left around noon on Saturday. I was still completely wiped out from the previous days' festivities at Celebration V, so I took it easy and ran some errands, mostly just goofing around.

I hadn't planned on visiting M&M World, but when I took a wrong turn while looking for Office Depot (to get a box to ship all my IKEA goodies back in), I spotted the huge M&M figures by the shopping mall entrance and just had to go inside!



These backlit M&Ms changed colors periodically- so cool!



I really should have bought this shirt.


And I absolutely HAD to get a picture of this rainbow wall of candies. I've seen similar photos from other people's travel pictures, and it was high time I had one of my own. :)


After I left M&tM world I hunted down an appropriately sized shipping box, bought curtains and a light fixure (yes, a light fixture) at IKEA, and picked up waaaaaay too many rolls of pretty packing tape on clearance at Michaels (for 50 cents a roll I couldn't leave it there)

After dropping all that stuff off at my hotel, I then ventured back out to visit the Leu Gardens. As soon as I got there, though, it started raining, so I amused myself in the lobby with my iPhone for 20 minutes or so until the storm passed.

And then, of course, it felt like a sauna outside!

That didn't stop me from appreciating more beautiful Spanish moss...


...and taking in the lovely tropical plants...



...or from playing with my macro lens.





The Leu Gardens are divided into several sections, and I was most excited to visit their formal English rose garden.


I love roses.


I'm just not good at growing roses.







I had no problem heeding the warning on this sign.


And I think that the sound of wind through a stand of bamboo has to be the most peaceful sound I've ever heard.




I was so hot from the sauna gardens that I just had to have ice cream when I got back to the hotel.


And then I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and eating Chipotle (and editing photos) by the hotel pool.