Sunday, August 29, 2010

Orlando Day 2: Bok Tower Gardens and Cocoa Beach

I apologize for the lack of Friday Favorites this week- I just didn't have time to collect links to post. I will be back next week with some new goodies, though!

I have a ton of Orlando photos left to post. I've been kind of jumping around- I posted Day 1, and then all of the Celebration V photos (which was technically Day 3), so it's time to catch up on what I left out!

On Wednesday in Orlando I visited the Bok Tower Gardens. I'd been wanting to go here for some time since the tower looked so gorgeous on their web site. I have to say it was even prettier in person!



I saw this sign and though, "Oh, you have to be kidding me!" But, no, they weren't...and you could even buy replica signs in the gift shop!


The courtyard was spectacularly beautiful.



I love how all these stones were set into the concrete- I can't imagine how long that took!




I love tropical foliage. I should plant more of it at my house- tropicals do fairly well in our climate as long as they're properly cared for during the winter.




I love it when I can catch a good butterfly shot!


Spanish moss in the trees- reminds me of working in Mississippi after Katrina.




I fell in love with the landscaping around the tower. I want a moat around my house now!! Darren, I'm going to need you to get right on that, okay? :)


And this is the tower- the architecture and the stonework are fantastic!


Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer to it because it's gated off and not open to the public.






And I really wish I could have gotten closer to this door, but the aforementioned locked gate was in my way.






After wandering the gardens for a few hours, I snatched lunch at Panera...


...and headed off on a 2+ hour drive to Cocoa Beach. It was definitely worth the trip!








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