Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orlando Day 1: Getting My Bearings

Whew! I'm finally back in the hotel room after my first day in Orlando. Since I didn't arrive until late afternoon (yes, I went to work for a bit this morning before going to the airport) I decided to use today as a "get my bearings" day, also known as "let's drive around and go to all the stores I don't have at home" day.

Because there really is some cool stuff here that we don't have in Huntsville. :)

Take, for instance, Z Gallerie. So many pretty things- it's actually probably a good thing that we don't have one of these or my bank account might be just a touch lighter.

They have great stuff like this pillow, which really wanted to come home with me, but at $40 I left it at the store (though I will invite my Mom to talk me into going back to get it...).

I fell in love with these candles, too- I'm just not sure how I'd get one home without destroying it in transit.

And both of these place settings are just breathtakingly beautiful. I apologize for the poor quality of the photos- I did all of my shooting in the mall with my iPhone.

Next I popped in to Anthropologie. We actually do have one of their stores in Huntsville, but they're all so different that I like to visit foreign ones as I come across them.

I fell in love with this pillow, too, but it's $98, so it'll have to stay put as well. As an aside, I have throw pillows on the brain lately!

I can't recall if I've ever been in a Crate & Barrel store before- maybe several years ago in Boston.

I love these little agave bowls. I think I love the fake grass even more.

I'm not really much of a mall person, but the Mall at Millenia in Orlando has some really cool architectural features, such as this indoor fountain...

and the massive skylight over the whole second story...

and the translucent panels over the lower tier walkways...

and these fruity looking things that were all over the food court...

and more cool fountains outside...

and did I mention the IKEA...across the street?!? And I did take my bigger camera into the store there, so the photos should be much better.

I think I could wander this place for hours. I love the kitchen setups like this one



Isn't the green comforter in this bedroom yummy? I love that light fixture, too.


And I so would love to live in one of their little apartments- they make having only 590 square feet look cool!


So, after all that browsing you probably think I spent a ton, right? Wrong! Actually, the only thing I ended up buying was at Target.

I have been wanting to find one of these DwellStudio pillows for the living room (see, throw pillows again!), but every Target in both Huntsville and Nashville seems to be out of them. Seriously, I've checked, like, five!! I'll shamelessly admit that I checked stock for stores in Orlando before I even boarded my flight, and right after I got my rental car I made a beeline to the one store in the area that had them in stock. Now I just have to get it home!

Dinner was at Chipotle (where else?) The store just happened to be right across from a Panda Express, and I started having flashbacks to Colorado Springs...it seems you'd always find those two together there.


This is my August Break photo for the day...


And I'll wrap up with a "why would you shoot that" photo, I took a picture of my bathroom soap at the hotel just because I think that the wrapper is pretty. :)


That's all for today! I have an adventure or two planned for tomorrow that have nothing to do with shopping- I think I got that part of the trip out of my system this afternoon. :)