Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goodbye July!

Woohoo for July, because I seem to have finally figured out how to use my camera again. I did lots of fun stuff and took lots of great pics.

Some of the highlights- the birth of my niece Sophie, running the Independence Day 5K again, shooting fireworks photos two nights in a row, kayaking, baking, and crafting, plus some time spent visiting with Darren's brother' family- I hadn't seen those kids in a year!

I'm not really a big poetry fan, but every once in a while (ummm, okay, so twice in my entire life) I find one that I really like (Mom, just so you don't think I'm leaving you out, you always said yours weren't poems :) ). This one is by Em Claire, reposted by Gloria on Creating Free Spirit.

Let life.
It wanted me to tell you that.
Pretend that you’ve never before heard an ocean wave.
Or birdsong. Or knew the fragrance of a flower.
Let life in.
Let it appear in your heart like a child
who challenges each of your territories.
Pretend that you have never heard of being left.
Or of being captured. Or contained.
Let life in again
but this time




Here's to letting life in this August.