Saturday, August 14, 2010

Celebration V: Part 1

I have almost 130 photos from Star Wars Celebration V that I want to share, so you can expect a lot of posts about it in the coming week. There was so much that happened in the one day that I was there- it was incredibly insane. Next time I'm definitely doing all four days, and hopefully I'll be doing it as a volunteer!

The doors didn't open until 10, but I got there at 8:30 just to make sure that I got my badge and got in line with plenty of time to spare.

Apparently someone told them we were coming...


I spotted these banners and just grinned. Awesome!


They really went all out with the details- they even dressed up these concrete pillars as R2-D2 using some big adhesive wraps.


This massive inflatable Death Star was hanging over the front lobby. Thanks to one of the girls from Club Jade, this was all I could think about when I saw it.


I picked up my badge and then proceeded to the line to get in. It was huge! But everyone was in a great mood and we spent the next hour talking and laughing, waiting to get in. All those blank spaces you see in line are people sitting on the floor, and I joined them after 20 minutes or so. I had my iPad with me (loaded with maps and schedules), and the convention center gave us free wifi (w00t! It made it much easier to post iPhone photos). I actually placed a Stop and Scrap preorder while waiting in line (they would post the Crate Paper Restoration line on the busiest morning of my trip!).

I also ran into one of the Droid Builders in line, and ended up watching one of his YouTube videos. Gotta love tech!


There were several of these Yoda backpacks around- so cute!


And I was definitely in good company with Grand Admiral Thrawn. I have video on my other camera of this guy dancing and singing the Smurf theme. I'll post it as soon as I get it processed.


Also among our ranks (sorry, bad pun!) was this Imperial officer. Everyone seemed to have great poses to go along with their costumes.


Speaking of costumes, they were everywhere! Not that I didn't expect that, but I didn't expect to find it so cool. I didn't expect to want one...but I think I do now. :)

It wasn't unusual to see a procession like this walk by. At one point one of the volunteers, dressed as Darth Maul, rushed past me as he was going somewhere. He grinned at me and said, "There are a lot of weirdos here!"


Once inside the convention center there were more costumes to greet you. Most of the costumed volunteers are from the 501st- I think, that, ummm, I may have to join them before next time...


As this chick! Yes, I want a Mara Jade costume. ::sigh:: I'd better get sewing!


The Dark Lord commands you to enter!


Once inside the main floor, there were tons of booths to visit. Thanks to my iPad and some great PDFs from RebelScum, I had maps to follow straight to all the free stuff, including a free comic from Dark Horse!

I must have liked the Lego booth the best, because I have the most pictures of it. :) Please forgive the random heads in some of the photos. There were soooo many people that it was nearly impossible to not get extraneous body parts in the shots.


Lego brought some adorable cutouts of Star Wars minifigs. There were dozens of little displays like this that made great photo ops. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone who could take my photo at the time. Next time I may try to drag my brother with me.





J loves Legos, so maybe these life size Lego characters would draw him in.


Darren was rather impressed when I posted the Lego Chewbacca photo.


And Mr. Fett was missing his head because Lego was sponsoring a group build of his helmet. They had it all very organized, and people were lining up to get a brick and place it where they were told. In fact, standing in line was the order of the day, but since I was there for only one day, the only line I stood in was to buy some water bottles and pick up my preorder t-shirt.


The Disney booth was so crowded that I didn't ever make it inside- one of the downfalls of only deciding to attend for one day. I don't regret making that decision, though. At the time I wasn't sure if I would like it, and now that I know I do I know exactly what to do next time.


Kermit and Rizzo, reporting live on the scene.


Darren, I may be redecorating the bedroom soon...I LOVE those lightsaber sconces!


I don't know why it made me so happy to see all of these, but it did! It's not like I don't have them all at home. Maybe it was just the joy of seeing all of my books' little siblings out in the world, waiting to be adopted. I think this was at the Barnes and Noble booth.


There were lots of booths set up with props where you could take your photo. Again, it was more standing in line so I bypassed them and just shot a few photos from outside the booth. Next time, though!


And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface!! I'll be back later with more photos!