Monday, July 12, 2010

Recommended Reading

Here's a quick rundown on some great special issues I've picked up lately.

Scrapbook Inspirations was a UK based magazine that ceased publication last December. They've since put out two "bookazines" that are really great. I've found them at my local Barnes and Noble, and you can also order them from their web site. I think they're 15.99 pounds each including shipping.

I love reading non-US scrapping magazines because they tend to not just feature pages that only use the newest, hottest products, and also because the style is quite different from what we usually see here in the States.

Paper Crafts has put out a couple of great special issues focused on cardmaking in the last few months.

Card Creations 8 is filled with ideas for every shape, size, and type of card imaginable- it's definitely worth picking up, especially since you can buy it at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon.


Go-To Sketches is divided into several sections, each presenting a sketch and anywhere between 4 and 7 cards based on the sketch. Each of the cards for the sketch are created by a different designer, so there's a lot of variety in this issue. I've spotted this one at Hobby Lobby, as well.


I've heard hints about a couple of exciting books coming up, including Page Maps 2 and a book by Jessica Sprague being published by Northridge Media. So excited for them to come out!