Thursday, July 15, 2010

Martha Stewart for Cricut Cake

In the last month or two I've gone from being a die-hard Wishblade user to being madly in love with the Cricut Expression. I used to think that the Wishblade was all that and a bag of chips, especially since it shipped with software that let me use it to cut anything I could design on my computer and not rely on a cartridge, but lately it had started to annoy me (it stopped cutting all the way through paper, even with a new blade set) to the point that I finally gave up and bought a Cricut.

I also used to think that all the Cricut cartridges were overpriced (and, let's face it, at the $70-$90 prices you'll find them for at Michaels they really are), but now you can find such good deals on them if you search around enough online, and the designs are so much better than they used to be. No longer are cartridges filled with basic shapes and single-layer elements. Take for example some of Provo Craft's newest crop of cartridges, just released today. The designs are intricate and layered and when pieced together give the look of some of the more expensive embellishments that you can buy pre-packaged.

Martha Stewart also just announced her line of cartridges for the Cricut (they're designed to work with their cake machine, but will cut on any model), and the designs are classic and elegant, just like the designs in her line of paper punches. Unfortunately, Martha's cartridges will only be available through HSN, so there won't be much deal-hunting, but hopefully they will eventually be available through other outlets.

Though I have to admit that I'm seriously considering purchasing at least one at full price...I mean, just look at them!!

Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art (download handbook here)



Martha Stewart All Occasions Cake Art (download handbook here)



Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art (download handbook here)



And I'll definitely be hunting around for a deal on this adorable cartridge (since it's not part of Martha's line, it should be available pretty much everywhere). Rainbows and clouds with smiley faces? Hello, kawaii- I think I'm in love with you!

Cricut Simply Charmed