Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Blame The Dirty Toilet

Not my toilet, but the toilet at our rental house. I've spent some time the last two evenings cleaning the bathroom at the rental house that was recently vacated by the four guys who've lived there for the last year. They didn't leave a huge mess, but the bathroom...well, let's just say I thought about putting up a biohazard sign. But I cleaned it instead, and, yes, I wore gloves.

So what do I blame the toilet for? For sapping all my creativity, because I haven't felt like scrapping so far this week. The most I've done is edit two (yes, just two) photos and sorted some Primas to toss into my color bins. Ugh.

At least I've had this to watch...if you haven't seen David Tennant's Hamlet, then you really need to rent it soon! It's like Doctor Who meets Shakespeare. :)

Hopefully I'll be back to my scrappy self soon!