Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello, Sophie!

Yay! Sophia Clare is here!

My brother called me at 5:30 last night to tell me that he and Beth were at the hospital, and after waiting at home for couple of hours to see how things were progressing, Darren and left for Nashville and arrived around 10:45. After a couple more hours sitting in the waiting room with my family and amusing myself with my iPad (thank you, streaming Netflix!), Sophia Clare was born. We were all allowed to see her at 2:15 am.

Beth is such a cute mommy!

And J isn't bad, either. :)

And then of course everyone had to hold her. This is Beth's Mom...

and my Mom...

and this is miss Popeye herself.

And now I'm back home, and very tired, but very excited that I get to see her again in a few weeks when I'm back in Nashville for another 5K!