Sunday, July 11, 2010

Father's Day

I still have some photos from June languishing on my hard drive that I want to get posted to the blog, including these photos from Fathers' Day weekend.

I went to visit my parents (of course!) and spent Saturday and Sunday with them. We did a lot of normal stuff...

Dad mowed the yard...


...and Jon worked on Sophie's cradle while I ran off to JoAnn to do a little shopping. Because, you know, we don't have a JoAnn where I live. ::pout::

This cradle is really cool- it's made from scrap wood salvaged from an old table that my great-grandfather made. J is so meticulous with his woodworking (and you should have seen the look me shot me when I teased him that a flathead screwdriver would work just as well as a chisel- he and I are both really into having good tools).


Saturday we bought pizza for Dad- he loves thin crust, so we got one for him and then this one for Mom and I.


And then I demanded that Dad get his camera and got out and shoot pictures of flowers at sunset with me. There's all kinds of stuff blooming around their house right now.





I love, love, love this photo.

Oh, and the blackberries were starting to ripen, too! Yum!

I don't have as many photos for Sunday because I spent a lot of time cooking. I made cupcakes for Dad- butter cake with cream cheese frosting, at his request- and chicken parmesan. Actually, Dad helped a lot with the chicken parm. After he saw me pounding out chicken breasts with a hammer, I think he was intrigued. :)

I don't get to spend nearly as much time with them these days as I would like, partly because I'm really busy and partly due to other things going on, but hopefully it will settle out soon.