Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Camp Scrap Layout (and some sort-of old Thanksgiving photos)

Wow, okay, so I think I'm finally waking up after a bit of sleep deprivation this weekend, or at least I'm awake enough to finally start scrapbooking again.

This is another Camp Scrap layout using some old 4x6 photos I've had in the "to-scrap" binder forever. Now Thanksgiving of 2005 is immortalized. :)

Oooh, and look, I remembered the left and right side close-ups!

Working on that page reminded me that I never got around to posting my Thanksgiving photos from last year (2009) as they've been languishing in the purgatory of my Blogger drafts folder for almost 8 months now. At one point I thought I should just delete to post- it would be embarrassing to finally be getting them up in March, right? But posting that page has given me the perfect excuse to get them up here now. :)

One thing I never fully appreciated about being married is the guilt that gets associated with holidays. Inevitably we have to choose to see one family on a holiday and the other family before or after, and I always feel bad, especially when it's my own family that I have to reschedule. It just sort of sucks a bit of the joy out of things, and it's probably one of the reasons that I'd never finished posting these pictures- we'd been to see Darren's family last Thanksgiving and I felt incredibly guilty about that.

Anyway, just keeping it real, here.

So, last Thanksgiving we went to Darren's aunt Kay's house. Darren's family is pretty much all nuts (in a good way). I caught tons of wacky faces on camera.

Kay always cooks a ton of food, and then everyone brings a dish of their own (mine was green bean casserole).

After dinner everyone pretty much just hangs out. That's me in the floor with my MacBook and iPhone, surfing the Black Friday sale papers.

We also went out with Phillip (Kay's husband) to look after the cows.

Thanksgiving night we drove from Kingston to Nashville to see my parents and have another Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Friday.

Again, lots of awesome food. :)

And more hanging out. My family is much more "tech" than Darren's. The video we're all dying laughing over is the Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody.

And look at this cutie! I helped Mom and Dad clean up a bit and left this on their bed since they'd left it on mine the night before. :)

We all cracked up over these guys playing Mario Kart. Darren's mouth hangs open when he's gaming, and Jon gets very "interactive." :)

So, there you have two Thanksgivings in one post. Efficient, no? :)