Monday, July 5, 2010

4th (3rd) of July

I think that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but there's just something so laid back and relaxed about Independence Day. Plus it's in the middle of the summer, so it's definitely my kind of weather.

Since the 4th fell on a Sunday this year, a lot of the festivities were held on the 3rd. I visited my parents that day and started my morning bright and early with a 5K race (so glad they could both come and watch!). I was totally happy with my time, especially since the course had several hills.


I spent some time later that morning running a few errands and made a trip to Home Goods since we don't have one in Huntsville.

Later that afternoon Dad grilled steak, chicken, and burgers.


My Dad is seriously the grillmaster.


Beth and Jon came to visit, and I managed to sneak in this photo of Beth in the most adorable maternity shirt ever.


And then we were all lazy for a while (and I made a blackberry cobbler) until it was time to go watch fireworks.

Dad and I have a little tradition going now- this is the third year we've set up tripods in a field adjacent to a cemetery to photograph fireworks.



I really like photographing fireworks.



I mean, I really, really like it.


I like it so much that I went to go shoot more of them on the evening of the 4th back in Huntsville when Bridge Street put on their show. I'm still going through those photos, but I'll try to post them soon.