Thursday, June 17, 2010

Showering Beth: Part 1

I really think that it's about time for me to get these nearly two month old baby shower photos out there, don't you?

Beth (my adorable sister-in-law) and my brother are expecting miss Sophia Clare to make a grand entrance in mid-July, so in April her mom had a baby shower for her and I threw one in May. These are the photos from her mom's shower.

The event was held in a barn.

Yes, this is a barn. Or, rather, the top story of a barn that had been converted into a banquet hall (and an apartment on the other end- the place is huge!).

I spent quite a bit of time chasing this little guy around with my camera (this is what I do when I'm around a bunch of people, whether I know them or not- I hide behind the camera). Anyway, this cutie's name is Isaiah, and he's Beth's sister's little boy. He was a total ham for me- awesome!

Beth picked out some really fun, bright colors for her shower, and her mom did an awesome job putting everything together. The cake was super adorable...

..and I loved the little details, like the M&Ms with Sophie's name on them.

Beth makes being pregnant look totally adorable, doesn't she?

This is Tera (Beth, I so hope I spelled that right- please correct me if I didn't), Beth's best friend for, like, ever. :)

Tera made this beautiful quilt for Sophie, which in turn made Beth cry.


And while I don't normally squeeeeee over baby clothes, I couldn't help it when I saw this tiny little yellow dress!


So, that was shower #1. I'll share #2 next week.