Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Use Up Some Stashed Supplies

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the color pink. Except for a couple of weeks in February, I tend to avoid pink like the plague. Why, then, do I have so many pink flowers in my scrapbooking supply stash? (A better question might by why do I have pink anything in my stash...I'm not sure I have a reasonable answer for that one.)

A really good way to get rid of something that you have a lot of in your stash is to simply use a lot of it on one layout. While I don't love pink, I do love cherry blossoms, so I lifted a layout (sorry, I have no idea who created the original) and used a ton of my pink flowers up while scrapping one of my favorite cherry blossom photos from earlier this spring.


I totally love this page! The flowers took quite a while to arrange and adhere with Glue Dots (it's hard to intentionally give something a "random" look), but the effect is completely worth the time.

Now I'm looking through my stash and wondering what other supplies I could use up this way. What about you guys- have you done any stash-busting scrapping recently?