Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Greetings from Camp Scrap!

Oh, my, has it been a busy few days!! After my trip to IKEA on Saturday I spent the majority of my free time on Sunday and Monday assembling a pair of 5x5 Expedit bookcases. One is now settled into my scrap room (where I'm in the process of organizing things into it) and the other is about to find a new home in the dining room, as soon as I move some boxes of books out of the way. Those books will live on the shelf once I get it in place- imagine that!

All this furniture assembly hasn't stopped me from enjoying Camp Scrap, though! It's turning out to be the most productive part of my personal summer scrapbooking boot camp. I already have one two page layout finished and another in the works along with three single page layouts started. I think that as long as I actually get them started, I'll eventually finish them!

This is my two page layout, made with some new paper and old photos from when I used to just print stacks of 4x6s to scrap. It feels good to finally get these in an album!

And look at me- I even remembered to take left and right detail shots. :)

Back with more later, and I've got some good geeky stuff to share when I get time, too!