Sunday, June 20, 2010

Friday Favorites: Better Late Than Never

Yup, I totally realize that I'm posting this on Sunday night. I meant to post on Friday evening and just ran out of time. I planned on doing it Saturday morning from my parents' house (I went to see them this weekend), and silly me left my laptop at home! I can't believe I did that...I guess since buying the iPad I've gotten out of the habit of carrying my laptop so much.

Anyway, I'm back home now with my MacBook and my photo library, so let's get these picks out there, shall we?


From left to right:
  • Take a peek at Danielle Thomspon's lovely studio here on Decor8.
  • I'm completely smitten with these hand-cut butterflies featured on Lushlee. Should I admit that I'm now saving pretty pages from my scanned in magazines (that I'm ostensibly scanning so I can throw out) to try this myself?
  • Scrapbook Trends shares a tour of Melissa Samuels' scrap room on their blog. I love the white...everything!
  • I think I officially have a scrap-crush on Jennifer Johner. I love how she layered all the butterfly punches on this page. Did you know that she doesn't even use a paper trimmer most of the time?!?!
  • Check out The Daily Digi for a lesson on basic design priciples. They also think to other such lessons from the same post.
  • Kelly Purkey made this amazing mini album to document her month of April 2010. I love, love, love this kind of mini.
  • Speaking of minis, Elise Blaha shares an update of her 25 To Do list book.
  • Allison Davis recently hosted another sketches week on her blog (link is to the wrap-up post). She's got another edition of her sketches coming out soon, along with a DVD. I can't wait!
  • Elle's Studio will be hosting a free 3-week journaling workshop on their blog starting August 8th.
Have a scrappy weekend!