Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a sad post, but I wanted to finally get it up here. We lost our first kitty, my baby Stormy, at the end of March. He had cancer and we didn't find out until just a couple of weeks before he died. He'd been to the vet before that, but cats (and most animals) are so good at hiding these things that it just got missed. He wasn't even 8 years old yet (just a few weeks from it), so the extra bloodwork for elderly cats hadn't kicked in yet.

I've waited until not to post this because Stormy was given to me by my cousins Jake and Michelle and their parents, and I wanted to be able to tell them in person what had happened and not have them find out from the blog. Last weekend while Michelle and I were baking cupcakes I finally had the chance.

Stormy was definitely the brains of the cat operation around here. He learned how to open doorknobs (yes, doorknobs!) at about 3 months old. He used to sleep in the bathroom at night, but I guess one night he'd had enough of it and around midnight we heard the bathroom doorknob rattle, the door creak open, and then this little meow from the foot of the bed. He was just too cute. :) From then on he slept with us, that is until the night he peed on Darren while I was away on a business trip...then he and the other cats got new digs in the laundry room.

He was one of the friendliest cats I've ever met and always wanted to be in someone's lap. We miss him around here, and I'm pretty sure that our remaining two cats miss him, too. We buried him at our farm in Tennessee under a big bunch of daffodils, and then I brough back a clump from that bed to plant at our home in Huntsville.

The pages in this post were made with some photos I took of Stormy as a kitten and scrapbooked at least two years ago.