Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online Catalogs and Magazines

I love, love, love to browse through magazines and catalogs- some of them are just pure eye candy. What I don't love is the amount of space they take up in my house. The ScanSnap helps quite a bit with the space issue, but what I like best is when I can go straight to the source and download a PDF directly- the quality is usually better and it takes a lot less time. Also, as a new iPad owner (yes, it IS all the awesomeness that you've heard it to be) I love PDFs so I can read on-the-go (using Goodreader- an awesome app that costs a whole 99 cents).

Today I wanted to share a few of the online catalogs and magazines I've been browsing lately. Some are downloadable, some are not, but all of them are beautiful.


By Fryd is a lovely, lovely example of a recent trend- bloggers who are starting to electronically self-publish magazines. It's filled with drop-dead gorgeous photography and tons of ideas for everything from decorating to crafts to food. The version I've linked to is not in English, but there should be an English version shortly (if it's not already available). The magazine is available to view online or download a PDF copy for offline viewing.


Sweet Paul Magazine is another blogger/publisher creation that's available online or as a PDF. The photography is fantastic, and it's filled with mouth-watering recipes and stunning photography- no wonder since Paul is a stylist for magazine photo shoots!


Southern Flourish is a new (free!) indie magazine that's part Domino (may they Rest in Peace) and part Southern Living. I first heard about it on Young House Love as the Youngsters have an article in the premiere issue. Available online or as a PDF download.


vtwonen is another beautiful (non-English) shelter magazine (those white floors on the cover have my head spinning- I love white floors). There are many, many issues available to browse online, but unfortunately there's no way to download issues.


Catalogs can be another great source of inspiration, and there are many that are available to view online or download. I'll start with one of my favorites- the IKEA catalog (of course!) which is available both online and in PDF. Yup, I have a copy of it on my iPad. :)


At first glance the house doctor catalog looks like it could be a magazine- the styling and photography are just beautiful. They're a European company, so I've not seen their products in US stores before (though I believe they do sell through a couple of retailers here). Catalog is available to view online or download a PDF.

I absolutely have to mention the Pottery Barn catalog- they showcase everything from furniture to accessories in such lovely settings. So many great ideas! Unfortunately their catalog is only available to view online.


Ah, Anthropologie. There is a store literally 5 minutes from my office (and this is Huntsville- nothing is five minutes from anyone's office!), and it's been a bit of a drain on my checkbook at times. I love their clothes, I love their quilts, I love their home accessories. I love their catalog, but I don't love that you can only view it online and not download a PDF.

Toast sells both apparel and home furnishings. Their home catalog reminds me very much of Anthropologie- gorgeous settings and beautiful accessories. Unfortunately, they are in the UK, so I can't get their goods in a US store. The catalog is available for viewing online or as a PDF download.

So there's a rundown of some of my current favorite free reading material. Hopefully you can find something in the list that you like, as well!

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Christina said...

Fabulous finds! Thanks for the links to explore!