Monday, May 10, 2010

The Old Plants And The New Towels

Since we received an offer on the farm last week (still in the counter-offer stage right now), we've kind of been in a bit of a panic mode...there is still a LOT to be done just to finish moving us off the property. We have the house pretty well cleaned out, but have you ever moved a FARM before?!?!? You don't realize how much equipment you accumulate until you think about moving it.

So this weekend went something like this...Saturday Darren went to Tennessee to clean out the garage. I stayed in Huntsville and cleaned the house since I haven't been home for a couple of weekends now, plus there were (are, but fewer now) still moving boxes in the dining room that really need to get unpacked so I can finish moving the last bits of stuff in and get it all organized.

Among my many domestic chores on Saturday was a trip to the grocery store, and while I was out I went by Tuesday, not for scrap supplies!! I needed new pillows (I like big, fluffy, firm pillows and they don't stay that way very long, so replacements are inevitable) and Tuesday Morning has great prices. While I was there, I also decided to replace our current towels with these.

I had originally thought I might get all white towels (I've been planning on replacing them for a couple of months now), but knowing how much we garden and generally get things dirty, white ones would be a pain (if not impossible) to keep clean. I went with a nice brown instead- 6 bath towels and 3 hand towels, and that should be all we need (we have an insane number of towels right now and have had them since we got married 8 years ago).

The new ones are super soft and fluffy...Darren is already somewhat obsessed with them.

Sunday after church we both headed up to the farm (in the new-to-us 4Runner...we do love that truck) and gathered up cuttings/splits of plants that we want to start in the beds around our house in Huntsville. A lot of these plants were gifts, and we wanted to take at least pieces of them with us when we left. We also dug up the blueberry bushes that Darren worked so hard on for several years and will be taking them to live with my parents (they already have a small blueberry patch, so these will fit right in) when I go visit this weekend.

The 4Runner looked like it had a forest inside it when we were finished.

Now we're just waiting to hear back on our counter-offer. Officially it expired last night, but one of the couple who made the offer had to have an emergency root canal over the weekend, so they asked for more time and should let us know tonight. I've got my fingers crossed, because if we get the farm sold that means we can totally pay off the house in more mortgage!!