Saturday, May 1, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day

Woohoo! I think this is the first NSD that I've not been away from my scrap room for the whole day, meaning I can actually do a little something to participate!

There are tons of challenges and activities going on around the web today (as well as an all-day crop at my LSS), but rather than start on a new project (or spend $50 just to go crop down the street) I'm working at home on the many unfinished projects that I need to complete and indulging in some take-out food (that will cost way less than scrapping at the LSS).

On today's agenda we have A Week in the Life (I want to at least get the opening collages and journaling put together and printed), Celebrate Life (I've only done the cover page), last year's Project 365 (I still have a few weeks of journaling to finish up the year), Daily Card (I'm so far behind on it that I haven't even started to show it to you yet), and this year's Project 12- I'd like to at least edit and print the photos for the sketches.

And, just in case that's not enough, I also have this stack to work through:

Come on, admit it, you have a stack like this, too! :) All of these pages need a little something- some extra embellishments, journaling, or for me to look up the date on the photos.

I also have a Taekwondo demo right in the middle of the day, if it doesn't get rained out (it's outdoors). We even got spiffy new demo uniforms...not so sure I like the short sleeves, though.

As for keeping myself entertained, I had planned on watching all three Star Wars movies today, but I can't find the DVDs!! Sacrilege! Plan B is to keep this stack nearby and just pick a disc to watch throughout the day.

With choices like these, how can I possibly go wrong?