Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Baby Shower Planning

The preparations for Beth's baby shower have definitely been in full swing around here for the last couple of weeks. I feel pretty safe posting this here since my brother reads the blog, but I'm pretty sure Beth doesn't unless he shows her something on it. :) That, and I'm going to throw another post right on to of this one to push it down the page a bit...

I've folded dozens of sheets of tissue paper...

And made lots of cupcake toppers using various punches and my Sizzix. Yes, I even took my Sizzix outside on a pretty day to work for a while. :)




The candy has all been sorted by color (I pulled out just the purple and green ones)...

And a lot of the stuff was taken to Mom and Dad's and left piled on my bed there the weekend before last when I went to the shower that Beth's Mom gave her (more on that when I've had time to edit the pics).


Oh, and the invitations are all out! I guess they'd better be since the shower is next Saturday. :)

I've been finding tons of cool ideas on blogs like Hostess with the Mostess and Amy Atlas, especially when it comes to making dessert buffets. After a lot of searching around, I finally found some suitable jars and glass dishes at Home Goods, so I think I'm all set to go on that front.

In other cool news, I've been given a blog award by Scrappy Mel! Thank you!

In honor of this award, here are 10 random things that make me happy (in no particular order):
  1. Cherry blossoms
  2. Thunderstorms
  3. A fresh, new Star Wars book (non-prequel era, of course) in my hands (bonus points for Kyp Durron related content)
  4. Chipotle. Or sushi.
  5. Starting a new project (but not necessarily finishing it...)
  6. Warm, sunny days
  7. Organizing stuff (subcategory: office supplies)
  8. Finding an awesome sale on something I really like (scrapbooking supplies especially)
  9. Snuggly cats
  10. Traveling (almost anywhere...the Dutch Antilles are next on the list, I think)
Of course God and my family make me happy, too- those go without saying!

 And now to pass this on to 5 other blogs that spread happiness (listed in no particular order)...
  • Kitschalicious- she's in the process of buying a new home right now, so please congratulate her! I'm still insanely jealous of all those beautiful apothecary jars she found at her goodwill store.
  • Scrappy Jessi- always posting something happy and beautiful
  • Christina's Creative Expressions- I love her Finish It Friday posts...they motivate me to get my own stuff finished. And she's a fellow geek...gotta love that!
  • Stephanie Howell- this girl is an awesome scrapper, and she keeps it totally real on her blog. Did I mention that she's also an amazing photographer?
  • Club Jade- for Star Wars (and other sci-fi) randomness, it doesn't get any better than this place. Sorry, just had to mention them since I visit the site twenty bazillion times a day.
Okay, over and out!