Sunday, May 30, 2010

15 Minute Scrapbooking

I've thoroughly enjoyed my little staycation, but next week I'll be back at work and won't have the large, uninterrupted chunks of scrapping time that I've become accustomed to recently.

Yesterday I decided to try a little experiment (not that it was really an experiment since I know from past experience that this process works). I set the timer on my iPhone for 15 minutes and started working on the page below. I had already chosen my inspiration piece (the page is a total lift, but I don't remember who made the original- I think it was Jennifer Johner), so I started with photo editing and printing and went from there. Each time the timer went off, I forced myself to work on another (non-scrapping) task. I could have done the page all in one shot, but I was trying to simulate what life was like on a "normal" day.


I definitely did not finish the page in 15 minutes, but during each 15 minute session I was amazed at what I could accomplish in such a short period of time. I think it took 5 sessions to finish the page, and that included me getting sidetracked during one of them and organizing my Spellbinders dies after cutting the scalloped circles (that needed to be done, anyway).

So many times over the last few weeks and months I've wanted to start a page or project but haven't because I didn't have time to finish it all "right then." How silly of me! I should have known better, especially after years of Flylady, and it's one of the great accomplishments of my staycation that I've reacquainted myself with this method. Hopefully it's something that I'll stick with- I guess I just needed a "reset" of sorts.

I noted two things that really made the process of being able to scrap during little chunks of time work. First, it's a huge help if your supplies are organized and easily accessible. I've got the scrap room so organized now that I can quickly find just what I need. Second, having a place where you can leave your unfinished work (and corresponding supplies) out and not have to put them away after each session is almost a must. If you're lacking a place to do this in your home, I would encourage you to find one- a corner of your bedroom, a side table in the dining room, or even a desk built into a closet would work! You're totally worth carving out a little piece of your home just for you. :)