Monday, April 26, 2010

What's In Your Purse?

Last weekend Stacy Julian posted a cool challenge on her blog- take a photo of the contents of your purse, pair it with a photo of yourself, and then write down what it says about you.

So, here's my photo...

With the iPhone and iPod, I obviously like to be entertained and connected. Seriously, if I have to sit still or wait somewhere without something to do for even a few minutes, I go nuts- it comes from being an unapologetic multitasker. There are also more toys here than necessities, yet I find that between the water bottle, my wallet, and my C.O. Bigelow Cinnamint that I'm pretty well set (I carry a rescue inhaler for asthma, but I've never actually had to use it). Sometimes I throw a snack in before leaving the house, as well. It seems that I find that I don't need or like a lot of things that women include in their purses and prefer instead to carry my techy toys. I'm kind of that way, at home. I don't have tons of clothes or shoes or purses, but good grief do I have tech stuff everywhere!

I realized after I took this and put everything away again that I'd forgotten to include my keys. Oops! But that says something about me, too...I'm always forgetting something or leaving something or just being plain scatterbrained. :)

And those sunglasses on my head in the photo? Yeah, I left them at Mom and Dad's last weekend. See- scatterbrained.