Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in the Life

I'm following along with Ali Edwards this week as she leads her blog readers through a Week in the Life album. The purpose of the project is to help you capture some of the everyday happenings and routines that may not make it into our regular scrapbooks. This week is all about taking photos and recording, and next week will be album assembly. If you've never heard of the project before, you might want to check out her informational posts here, here, and here.

Abby Garvey and Wendy Smedley also guest-posted on her blog last week with some great organizational ideas to get you ready to start the project. You can find their posts here and here. I had totally intended to follow both of these posts last weekend (just as I intended to write this post last weekend), but then I ended up out of town and didn't have time. I decided to go ahead and start the project anyway- I mean, that's real life, right? I may not get a ton of pictures, but I'm not worried about it being perfect, I just want to get it documented.

This is actually my second time working on this project. I also followed along in the fall of 2008 when Ali last hosted it. I pulled out my old album last night (probably the first time I've looked at it since completing it) and took some photos to share. And, yes, I was madly in love with Basic Grey's Urban Prairie Line at the time (actually, I still am).

I pretty much followed Ali's format from the last round exactly, except I chose a 12x12 album since I already had one on hand. I'm going to see if this year's week will fit into the same binder, though it's pretty full already!

If you need more ideas, Simple Scrapper posted a list of ways to streamline making a digital Week in the Life album, and Made in Brooklyn is creating a "Photography Week" album that looks awesome. 

If you've been on the fence about starting this project but just haven't picked it up yet, it's not too late!! Last time I meant to start on a Monday and then proceeded to forget until sometime on Wednesday. Ooops! No worries, though- I just started up on Thursday and went through the following Wednesday. No matter what day you start on you'll end up getting each day of the week since the project runs for a full 7 days.

I'm not going to post my photos daily as others are doing since I have some other things I want to share this week, but I will share my album as I start putting it together in the next week or two. I haven't decided on a format yet but I may do something very similar to my last one, including using lots of different types of divided page protectors.

I'm not overly worried that I haven't taken tons of photos yet. I'm taking a lot more each day than usual, and during the week when I'm at work (and not allowed to have a camera with me) it's usually very difficult to take photos, anyway. I'm sure there will be tons this weekend, though, and I've got a whole list of things I want to make sure I capture and am crossing them off as I get the shot. For example, Monday was all about doing the laundry....exciting, isn't it? :)